“I want to say something, I want to say something…”

Photo by Obi Onyeador on Unsplash

My parents and older Sister joke about this all the time with me.

As a young boy, our house was regularly filled with our extended family and friends, long lunches, dinners and gatherings.

Noisy and fun affairs, which invariable at some stage would end up with me exclaiming “I want to say something, I want to say something…”, striving to get everyone’s attention to listen to a story I just had to share. I wasn’t always immediately successful in getting the stage, so I would persevere, my cries would get louder, but eventually I would get a chance to share my story.

So here I am, decades later and I still love to tell stories, I have really started to value great stories over the past 15 years, as someone delivering the story and receiving it.

An epiphany occurred when I attended an evening hosted by David Griggs (http://www.speakersstudio.com.au/) where Derek McManus (https://derrickmcmanus.com/) spoke, I enrolled in David’s Speakers Studio immediately and set out to take every opportunity to practice story telling and speaking in my professional life.

Some books guided and inspired me also, “The Leaders Guide to Storytelling” Stephen Denning and “The Story Factor” Annette Simmons. Along with some great talks I have watched online or attended and further inspired by people who are passionate about and story telling is part of their professional practice.

So what, I am saying to myself, where is all this going and why am I publishing this onto Medium. Well, it’s fair to say, I like to wax lyrical and whilst I can and do get varying degrees of nervousness getting in front of a crowd, I am much more at ease with that than actually writing. (Unless I watch/listen to myself back — but that’s another story)

If I wish to write and I think I do, then the only way to test this assumption is to write!

If I think there may be value in what I can write and publish, then I need test the assumption!

If I think people will enjoy reading what I publish, then…well you get the idea.

I have written a handful of articles on LinkedIn, and considered a blog, but for now have landed on using Medium and setting myself a goal to publish an article every week.

The intent, is that in principle the stories will provide some inspiration, learning, gratitude, achievement focus (which includes celebrating failure) and reflection.

By publishing every week, I hope to improve my writing and push myself to being a little uncomfortable, so having a great polished story may not happen every week or even at all, now is the time to find out.

“I want to write something, I want to write something…” so here goes, 52 stories to follow in 52 weeks.

Francesco 🙏🏻

Shout out to my now wife, Siggi, who took me to the session hosted by David Griggs 15 years ago and joining me on the Speakers Studio workshop

I live by the beach in Adelaide, South Australia with my wife, young lad and Jack Russell/Tenterfield Terrier. Passions include golf, food, humanity at work.